Starting from the Noosa Bike Shop at 6am this is a recovery ride. The use of fixies is encouraged as it is a flat course and a pretty easy pace. Average speed for this ride is around 29-30km/h and from the shop/back to the Raw coffe shop is 38.5km round trip.  



Noosa Bike Shop

Homemaker Centre, Cnr of Mary and Thomas St Noosaville. 6.00am (Hard ride)

In short, this is a 45km undulating ride that is affectionately know to the locals as the World Champs. This ride heads up Gyndier Drv, out to Cooroy and back around Sunrise Rd and back to Noosaville. Note: this group has a reputation of dropping a few people now and then (who are you kidding – a bit more than a few – Ed). Stops at Little Cove Coffee.

Homemaker Centre, Cnr of Mary and Thomas St Noosaville. 5.55am (Same ride as above with Intermediate Group) The aim of this group is to stay away from the 6am Hard Ride group.  Average speed is around 30km/h, Distance

Raw Coffee Shop, 231 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville.  6.00am (in Summer)

This ride is the same as above, but is a more moderate pace and no one gets left behind. A very friendly and welcoming group who always return to RAW Energy Coffee Shop on Gympie Terrace.


Noosa Bike Shop

Meet 6.00am for a steady ride through some hills behind Cooroy over Black Mountain. Great steady, yet testing ride. Total 57Km.

Long Ride: There is also a group that heads out to Cooroy, through Nambour and up the Palmwoods Range to Montville. After a brief breather at the Montville Bakery the group heads back down the coast to finish at Little Cove Coffee.

Raw Group: Meet 6.00am at Raw coffe shop. 221 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. Same ride as above and at a comfortable pace


Noosa Bike Shop

Standard Loop

This ride is a social pace on the way out to Boreen Pt and the return splits into 2 groups. The fast group and the faster group. Generally a paceline forms for the blast home. Please take to of the rules and etiquette for the bunch Rules & Etiquette if you'd like to join in on the fun! The crew finish at Little Cove Coffee for a brew after the ride...

Total 49km

Early Loop

This group Meets 5.25am  at the Service station across the road from the Tewantin Golf Course. the loop takes in a few hills and great views before meeting up with the 6.00am group to join in on the fast blast. The pace through the hills is normally steady but boys can get enthusiastic about Strava records. For a more steady ride a group leaves 5 mins ahead of this group and meets at the top of Gyndier Drv, 5.30am. Total 67km


This rides is a steady pace out to Lake McDonald and return. What we can a "pootle". Lovely, enjoyable cruise out to the lake and back. Strictly no hero's allowed on Friday's. 

This ride totals 50km


Noosa Fire Station

Starting from Noosa Fire Station 2 Langura St, Noosa Heads. This ride cruises down the coast to Twin Waters Resort in Mudjimba before having a little blast on the way home for a sprint into Perigian Beach. Again, please obey all road rules and basic rules and etiquette applies if you want to get involved to the fun. Then it's back into cruise mode for a coffee at Costa Noosa or Little Cove Coffee.

Long Loop

A few riders extend the ride to add a few kilometres out to Eumerella Road and back to add another 20's or so... 



Noosa Bike Shop

Starting from the Noosa Bike Shop at 6am this ride can go a few different ways depending on which way the wind blows. But generally it is a slow and steady heading west for 3+ hours...