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What do you see when you look at a bicycle? You see a beautiful construction with a frame as a reliable centrepiece, two wheels and many other components. You don’t see all the complex philosophies and ideas behind the concept. All the hours invested by dedicated people, intensive discussions, precise drawings, dismissed thoughts and tough test runs on prototypes. You do not see the busy hands of the mechanics, the warehouse staff or the quality management. All you see is the final product, our great passion.

But it is this passion which separates a MERIDA from all other bicycles. Since company founder Ike Tseng opened his first production plant in 1972, each and every MERIDA bike has been representing his spirit and his credo “Move with passion and courage!”  We continue to move forward –driven by the convictions that each and every MERIDA model is exceptional. At the end of the day it is created to become your bike! That’s why the experienced engineers and designers of the German R&D headquarters work as a team with our skilled Taiwanese production experts –from the very first blueprints and throughout all following working stages. No CAD drawing remains untuned; no question about the possible specifications of the respective bike model remains unanswered – not forgetting: global representation in 69 countries whose 42 distributors observe their respective domestic markets and trends with fundamental attention. They know today what you as a MERIDA customer desires tomorrow. From this, we are able to offer you a wide range of excellent bikes which carries rightly and proudly the MERIDA signet on the head tube and our logo on the down tube.

After a quarter of a century, MERIDA stands for bicycles “Designed and Engineered in Germany, Made in Taiwan“ – and thus for the close interlocking of world-class technological know-how, premium manufacturing competence and the dedication of countless staff members all over the planet.


There are countless steps for a great idea to become a great bike. MERIDA staff members from around the world share this passion and work hard making it reality.
— Daniel Schwenk, Senior R&D Manager MERIDA